Library of Haller

The Library of Albrecht von Haller, Berne 1708-1777, professor of anatomy, surgery and botany at the University of Göttingen, is a valuable collection of texts, mostly scientific.

  • 15.000 volumes
  • circa 145 manuscripts
Fondo Haller

The library was acquired in 1778 by the will of Emperor Joseph II, son of Maria Theresa of Habsburg, and donated to the Brera Library.

With this act, the Habsburgs wanted to expand the scientific part of the Library. The collection consists of about 15,000 volumes and about 145 manuscripts.

The collection was depleted by the Napoleonic campaigns, an example being the Hallerian herbarium located at the Musée National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris, and by a donation from the Italian government to the Swiss government in 1928.

Bibliography: Catalogo del fondo Haller, curated by Maria Teresa Monti, Milano, Franco Angeli, 1983-1990; Il fondo halleriano della Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense di Milano. Vicende storiche e catalogo dei manoscritti, curated by Letizia Pecorella Vergnano, Milano, Università degli Studi 1965.