attività culturali

Cultural activities


In addition to its service to the public, the Braidense Library carries out its exhibition and event programming focusing on collection enhancement, books as art objects, and increasing heritage knowledge through cataloging, which is complemented by a lively activity of promoting library services and assets through its educational services.


Activities and events

Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense offers a rich panorama of events, lectures, presentations, conferences. Discover the calendar of our activities.


Guided tours and workshops

Find out about scheduled and on-demand events at the Braidense Library and its educational services: guided tours, presentations, meetings, internships and training placements.

Tours and workshops

Special Projects

Collateral projects and activities of the Biblioteca Braidense.

Special projects

Once upon a time in the Library

Video readings of the best fairy tales for young children by staff and famous actors.

Simon Callow reads <em>Happy Prince</em> by Oscar Wilde

Simon Callow reads Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

Marco Gambino reads <em>Il palazzo di gelato</em> by Gianni Rodari

Marco Gambino reads Il palazzo di gelato by Gianni Rodari

Sonia Bergamasco reads <em>Il topo che mangiava i gatti</em> by Gianni Rodari

Sonia Bergamasco reads Il topo che mangiava i gatti by Gianni Rodari


Art Bonus

Allows tax deductions of up to 65 percent of the amount donated, to those who make liberal donations in support of Italy’s public cultural heritage.


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