affitto spazi

Space rental

The Biblioteca Braidense has space that it can grant for events (book presentations, conferences, lectures, promotional events, etc.).

The Monumental Halls can also be granted for events, exhibitions, photo or film shoots.

The Directorate evaluates the timing and appropriateness of the proposed events in consultation with the Regional Directorate of Cultural Heritage.

Detailed requests should be addressed on the applicant’s letterhead to: [email protected]

Signage for local communication of the event can be arranged both on the access staircase and in the courtyard of honor, in agreement with the Library Management.

Authorization for a posting outside the building, on the other hand, must be requested from the Soprintendenza per il Patrimonio Storico Artistico Antropologico (via Brera 28, 20121 Milan – tel. 02722631)

L’idea della Biblioteca

Gli spazi

Maximum seating capacity 180 seats
Mobile sound system.

Seating capacity 75/150 seats
Mobile sound system.

Environment suitable for photographic or television filming and catering outside the Institute’s opening hours.

Suitable environment for catering or reception.

sala di lettura Sala teologica (sala di lettura)
Atrio di ingresso Atrio di ingresso

Costs to be paid by the applicant

Concession fee
The daily cost of each room will be evaluated by the Management according to type of event, number of participants and type of setting up of the rooms. As stipulated in Article 120 of the “Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code,” the Library is open to sponsorship agreements for the protection and enhancement of its assets.

Set-up and clean-up
Setting up the rooms for the event includes:
– moving furniture
– arrangement of chairs for guests
– cleaning before and after the event
Costs depend on the requirements of the event; work is performed by outside firm that provides a detailed estimate, upon agreement between the parties, and invoices the applicant directly.

Fees for custody and supervision
The protection and security of the property will be guaranteed by the Administration’s custodial staff to whom the payment for occasional services on behalf of third parties must be paid (MiBAC Circ. 85/2010). The Library, as per union agreements, will assess the exact number of supervisory and technical staff to be employed.
For more information contact the Library Management by sending an email to:
[email protected]

Once upon a time in the Library

Video readings of the best fairy tales for young children by staff and famous actors.

Simon Callow reads <em>Happy Prince</em> by Oscar Wilde

Simon Callow reads Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde

Marco Gambino reads <em>Il palazzo di gelato</em> by Gianni Rodari

Marco Gambino reads Il palazzo di gelato by Gianni Rodari

Sonia Bergamasco reads <em>Il topo che mangiava i gatti</em> by Gianni Rodari

Sonia Bergamasco reads Il topo che mangiava i gatti by Gianni Rodari


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