Non Dimenticarmi
Presentation February 25th, 2023 – 10.00 a.m. Sala di Lettura

Non Dimenticarmi

Institutional welcomes
Marzia Pontone, Scientific Director Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense
Daniela Cristadoro, Giacomo Guastalla e Irene Pavlidi, Non Dimenticarmi Committee
Ferruccio Ascari, artist

Videomessage by
Tommaso Sacchi, Assessore alla Cultura Comune di Milano
Matteo Dendena, Vice president of the “Piazza Fontana Association December 12, 1969”

Presenting the project
Giorgio Verzotti, art critic and independent curator, has been Curator at Castello di Rivoli and MART in Rovereto, and Director of Artefiera in Bologna. He teaches at the Catholic University of Milan.
Roberto Pinto, Art Historian and Curator is primarily concerned with public art, exhibition history and the relationship between art and literature. He has taught at the University of Trento, Bocconi University in Milan, and since 2012, has taught at the Department of the Arts, University of Bologna, where he is associate professor of Contemporary Art History.

On the occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Piazza Fontana massacre, a committee of citizens and institutions was formedNon DImenticarmi with the intention of promoting the creation in Milan of a memorial dedicated to the victims of the ‘Strategy of Tension’: from the one in Piazza Fontana to the one in Bologna Station in 1980.
The Committee pledged to prevent the erasure of memory through the creation and placement in Milan of the work designed by artist Ferruccio Ascari. The work was in fact conceived by the author as “a device to activate collective memory and counteract the dissolving force of oblivion.” A key milestone has finally been reached with the recent resolution making official by the City of Milan the acceptance of the work and its placement in Piazza Fontana.

On the occasion of the project presentation, 5 works by the artist representing the installation that will be laid will be displayed in the reading room.

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