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The artist’s book

The Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense has always placed the book at the center of its work: its history, its function of knowledge, study, research but also as an instrument of artistic expression that simultaneously becomes the expression of an author and work of art in its own right.

From the second half of the twentieth century the book acquires becomes an artifact where the various artistic manifestations are born from the hands of its creator: books with metal pages; with wooden covers; with eye-catching bolts; or contaminated with different materials.

Past exhibitions:
2001: Angoletta Bruno, profession, artist. The exhibition was organized in collaboration with the Mondadori Foundation, the Library Foundation in via Senato and the Antiquaria Little Nemo Library in Turin in collaboration with the National Library of Braidense and the Lombardy Region;  

2012: Small, very small, indeed very large. Small format books and artist books. International exhibition on artist mini-books belonging to the Archive of Fernanda Fedi and Gino Gini;

2014: Artist’s Book Workshop. Final exhibition of the students participating in the workshop held by Ruggero Maggi and dedicated to the artist’s book, seminar within the second level Biennium in Theory and Practice of Art Therapy – Director prof.ssa Tiziana Tacconi;

2014: The artist’s book. From Marinetti to Fedi and Gini with an eye to science.