A Golden Thread (1900-1938)
Brera Plus
26.01 2023 - 19.04 2023
Sala Maria Teresa

A Golden Thread (1900-1938)

The Prutscher collection of Viennese children’s books at the Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense.

The Exhibitions

An exhibition that has as its core the important donation of 143 books, 13 leporelli and 178 postcards that belonged to the Viennese architect Otto Prutscher and his two daughters Helly and Ilse to the Braidense by the architect’s granddaughter, Beba Restelli.

Luna di miele a Venezia

Richard Teschner, <em>Luna di miele a Venezia</em>, ca. 1920. Inchiostro su carta giapponese 14 x 9 cm


Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, Sala Maria Teresa
(double entrance from Biblioteca Braidense and Pinacoteca di Brera)


26.1 – 15.4 2023


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The bequest finds its perfect home in the Braidense by reconnecting the Viennese books with the library created by the Austrian Empress Maria Theresa Habsburg in 1770. The painting of the Empress by Agostino Comerio and the Bohemian crystal teardrop chandeliers provide a natural historical frame for the collection and the exhibition of Otto Prutscher’s illustred books.

Die Nibelungen

Franz Keim, ill. Carl Otto Czeschka, "Die Nibelungen", 1924. Vienna: Gerlach und Wiedling 13,5 x 15 cm

Der tapfere Cassian

Arthur Schnitzler, ill. Oskar Laske, "Der tapfere Cassian", 1922. Vienna e Lipsia: Karl König 19 x 22 cm


A Golden Thread (1900-1938).
The Prutscher collection of Viennese children’s books

Edited by James M. Bradburne, Corraini, p. 300, euro 48

A Golden Thread stitches the collection of architect and designer Otto Prutscher to his birthplace Vienna, the City of Dreams, as together they witness the decline of an empire, the idealism of a socialist experiment and the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany.

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