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Floor Robert
reads Pluk Puk vindt een huisje
by Annie M.G. Schmidt

Pluk is a little boy who drives a tow truck and by a lucky coincidence finds his home in the tower of the Grangrattacielo...

Annie M.G. Schmidt

(Kapelle, 20 May 1911 – Amsterdam, 21 May 1995)
She is called the mother of the Dutch theatrical song, and the queen of Dutch children’s literature, praised for her “delicious Dutch idiom,” and considered one of the greatest Dutch writers. An ultimate honour was extended to her posthumously, in 2007, when a group of Dutch historians compiled the “Canon of Dutch History” and included Schmidt, alongside national icons such as Vincent van Gogh and Anne Frank.
Although Schmidt wrote poetry, songs, books, plays, musicals, and radio and television drama for adults, she is known best for children’s books. Her best-known work for children may be the series Jip and Janneke.


Floor Robert

Dutch choreographer and Florentine by adoption.


Once upon a time there was a library

Всем детям на свете
It was in the heart of the city, in a palace called Brera. It was a very grand library, founded by the Empress Maria Teresa many many years ago. The library was full of treasures: rare books, precious manuscripts, letters, maps and drawings. It was a very important library for scholars, students and the whole city. But then a dark cloud of illness came over the country, and all the schools, museums, theatres and even libraries had to close their doors. It was a very bleak time, and everyone had to stay at home, lonely, worried, and even a little frightened. But just as manuscripts don’t burn, libraries don’t stop, even when the doors are closed. So this library decided that if people could not come to the library, the library would go to them. It thought of all the children stuck at home unable to go to school, and started to read.
James M. Bradburne, direttore generale della Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense e della Pinacoteca di Brera